Happy Singing New Year! - 7 Ways to Free the Creative Voice!

Happy Singing New Year!

With thanks for sharing your voice, gifts and energy in the world,
here's a few thoughts on bringing on the creative times in 2018! 

7 Steps to Free The Creative Voice in 2018

Find the courage to explore the unknown.  Not take what other artists have done before and be satisfied with copying them. Finding your voice to develop your own personal sound is of the utmost importance.
- Herbie Hancock

1. Give Yourself Time
- time to play, create, daydream, sing, write, doodle, noodle, express yourself - schedule and screen it off in your diary.

2. Find a Creative Corner 
- place/s were you can make space for inspiration and create in peace.

3. Listen
- to your dreams, passions, heartfelt longings, hunches and creative callings
 - do not dismiss them.

4. Manage the Monkey Mind
- it will come up with excuses, judgements, inhibitions, reasons, taunts, lamentations and gnashing of teeth to distract you. 
Find your own way to crack the monkey nut - for me, doing something physical - dancing, walking, cleaning, gardening - is a great monkey tamer.

5. Buddy Up
Join forces with supportive mentors, coaches, courses, groups and friends 
who will encourage, support, champion and keep you accountable.

6. Protect your creative energy and discern wisely where to direct it. 
Take an energy inventory - where and to whom is most of your energy going?
Where would you like it to go and flow in 2018?

7. Let Go
Surrender to the process.  
Creativity is not linear - it moves in mysterious ways. 
Be ready to take leaps of faith - tangents, 'mistakes' and bends in the road can often reveal new possibilities. 
 Use your heart as your sat nav and enjoy the ride!

Ready to flex your creative voice?
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Wishing you a happy, creative, expressive start to 2018