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Katie Rose

She's great, sings like a high bird and can bring hundreds of people together in one vision through inspiration, focus and song.”

— Jana Rowland, Composer

Singer and Writer exploring song and sound, word and wonder

An innovative vocal artist, Katie is passionate about creating transformative experiences of voice, song, sound and word.
Described by The Guardian as a 'fine singer,' and 'an eye (and ear) opener' by fRoots Magazine, Katie's latest album Flame (2021) follows three previous albums and releases including, Ankle - The False Beards, Weirdlore (Folk Police 2012) and Echoes From the Mountain (Rif Mountain, 2010) and a piece to accompany the award-winning film about the Dalai Lama, Road to Peace (2012)

Katie's latest piece Across the Lines, co-created with Randolph Matthews, follows her performance in The Benefactress, Gill Manly‘s play featuring Joanna Scanlan at Croydonites Festival (2022-3) 

Convinced of the power of the arts to foster connection, she directed Festival of Peace Croydon 2018, centring on community performances of the London Mozart Players Anthem for Peace and participated in Shri Shriram's cross-cultural, cross-genre project Croydon Composers 2017-18.

Adventures on page and airwaves include writing and broadcasting for fROOTS Magazine, Turning Point Magazine, The Croydon Citizen, Croydon Radio, poetry collections Corvids & Others (2020) and Poetic Ramblings Through Croydonia (2016) and her own blogs and Vocal Revolution Podcasts.

Building community through the magic of harmony singing
Committed to making the magical benefits of singing accessible and inclusive, Katie co-directed mass choral event Sing for Water London (2017-2023) and has led sessions for over 20 choirs, five hospitals and organisations including NHS England and St Christopher's Hospice.

She currently directs Welcome Choir, Croydon Carers Support Centre Choir, HeartSong and co-directs Breathe Harmony NHS Staff Choir with Mike King and BLG Mind Wellbeing Choir and Caterham Community Choir with Sarah Fisher.

Helping creatives unlock the power, joy and magic of their voices
With 20 years experience of working with individuals including music, film, theatre & TV professionals, Katie brings an innovative and holistic approach to voice work. 
 A fully insured member of the Natural Voice Network, Katie continues to develop her understanding of voice by volunteering alongside an expert multidisciplinary team at Lewisham Hospital Voice Clinic.

because singing can and does change our world....

Press Photos

Katie Rose Crystal Palace Sphinx Dec 2020

Photo: The Woman & The Wolf 2021

Katie Rose Crystal Palace Festival Photo Mike Brown

Crystal Palace Festival 2019: Photo: Mike Brown

Photo Azu Morales 2022