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Katie Rose

She's great, sings like a high bird and can bring hundreds of people together in one vision through inspiration, focus and song.”

— Jana Rowland, Composer

I love singing and helping people sing....

Whilst watching a singer create a magical connection with an audience aged 15, I had a eureka moment and knew that I wanted to sing and help others sing.  Having grown up in a musical family, who sang round the piano at Christmas,  singing was already embedded as a way to affirm warm connections whilst making a joyful sound together.

My grandmother was deaf and my grandfather, a hearing child of deaf parents, was a pastor to the deaf who wrote a book advocating sign language.  I began working with children with Special Needs whilst at school and later ran a holistic therapy service for adults with learning difficulties in residential care. These experiences made me aware firstly, of who is or is not included in a conversation and secondly, that having a voice involves not only verbal expression,  but also an array of body language, gestures and sounds – yawning, sighing, crying.

As children we naturally access that huge spectrum of self-expression, but as we grow up social conditioning  can impact our self expression – being told  'children should be seen and not heard' or 'big boys don’t cry.'

So my commitment is to creating safe spaces where people of all genders, cultures and creeds can sing together and reclaim the joy, power and magic of their voices.  My conviction that the power of singing can make waves in the world is the foundation of my work, including co-directing mass choral event Sing for Water London, an annual fundraiser for WaterAid.   

In many of my choirs, people face a shared challenge – bereavement, caring,  life changing health conditions – and very quickly, a group of disparate people become a supportive community.  When we sing together, we move and breathe together - it's even been shown that our heart rates sync.  I witness people enter a room bent over and walk out standing tall.

Over 20 years of coaching individuals including music, film, theatre & TV professionals, I've seen how working through fears, trauma and issues enables us to reconnect with our inner voice and enjoy purposeful, fulfilling creative expression.

As an artist, I seek to create music which touches and inspires.  My new album Flame, follows three previous albums and releases including a song to accompany Road to Peace, a film about the Dalai Lama.  I've been  honoured to collaborate with artists including Gill Manly, Tom Morley, Shri Sriram, The False Beards and Barefoot Doctor.

Committed to writing and broadcasting positive news about the arts and wellbeing in local and global media, I launched my Vocal Revolution Podcast  to celebrate inspiring stories of vocal activists.  I hope to convey a sense of hope and possibility that, through the power of our voices, we can create magic in the world.

because singing can and does change our world....

Press Photos

Katie Rose Crystal Palace Sphinx Dec 2020

Photo: The Woman & The Wolf 2021

Katie Rose Crystal Palace Festival Photo Mike Brown

Crystal Palace Festival 2019: Photo: Mike Brown

Photo Azu Morales 2022