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Creating and contributing to our communities through the magic of singing together in harmony.

Illustration: David Shrigley

Illustration: David Shrigley

Katie's love and enthusiasm for singing is infectious. Which means she generates that same love and enthusiasm in others. ”

— Bob Harper

Honesty Box

Huge thanks to everyone who donated to my Honesty Box in 2020 - it helped me keep the singing show on the road.
The Lockdown 1.0 Honesty Box raised £442.50 and the Christmas Honesty Box raised £76.75 for St George's Hospital Charity.

Delighted to say that The Food of Love Fundraiser  has raised £343 split equally between  St George's Hospital Charity & Matthews Yard Hampers for Children - thank you everyone! 

The Food of Love 28th Feb Hosted by Katie Rose with Jenny Green and Gill Manly

The Food of Love
A Fundraising Feast of Poetry & Song

Sunday 28th February, 7.00-8.00pm 
Online via Zoom

Hosted by Katie Rose 
with Jazz Singers Jenny Green & Gill Manly 

Raising voices and funds to feed our community  & support frontline workers

By Donation to the Honesty Box 
Proceeds - 50% to St George's Hospital Charity &
50% to Matthews Yard Hampers for Children
Matthews Yard also offer a full menu of lovingly prepared food via their Hatch, Deliveroo and Uber. 

Please note Booking will close @ 4pm on Sunday 28th February

Why Sing?

Singing can seriously increase your health & happiness! 
 Singing in choirs has scientifically demonstrated wellbeing benefits including:
* And breathe.... - singing encourages us to breathe deep and long
* Heart humming - it's a gentle form of cardio-vascular exercise
* Stress busting -  singing blows off steam, relieving pain and tension
* Mood Booster - singing releases endorphins and happy hormones  
* Brain Gym - learning lyrics and melodies flexes our grey cells
* Calm - singing brings us into the present moment, alleviating worries
* Confidence - singing empowers healthy self-esteem and self-expression
* Creative Fulfilment - making a great sound together brings satisfaction
* Social vitamins -  syncs heartrates and releases bonding hormone oxytocin
* Friendships - choirs can grow into eco-systems of social support 
* Contribution - choirs can fundraise and bring joy to their community
Because Singing Can and Does Change the World...

Singing for Wellbeing

Helpful Resources & Research