Croydon Composers 2017-18

Croydon Composers 2017

Katie Rose, a choral folk singer, hit the stage full of energy, singing a capella. Soon after she was joined by drummer Dan Buskell, with Katie on the keyboard, performing their song ‘In The Jungle.’ The performers’ excitement was infectious as Katie urged the crowd to make as many animal noises as possible. I am sure my attempt at a lion roar did not go unnoticed.  ”

South West Londoner

Celebrating Our Differences
Croydon Composers is about creating cross cultural / genre collaborations between aspiring and established composers in the London borough of Croydon. It’s a project setup by Shirin Sriram of arts organisation Drum The Bass where the participants are musically mentored & produced by award winning composer / producer / musician Shri Sriram and mentored in music business structure & royalties by Michael Fuller. 

Participants are selected from across the community, invited to participate & matched to form collaborative pairs. Each pair creates one composition, to be recorded & performed live.

2017 - Katie & drummer Dan Buskell composed 'In The Jungle'   

 2018 - Katie & Musician Mithun Mohan composed 'The Eye of the Storm' 

Croydon Composers 2018

Ankle - The False Beards

Weirdlore - Folk Police

fol-de-rose - EP

Echoes From The Mountain - Rif Mountain