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Vocal Revolution Podcast

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You've got a really good interviewing technique. You really listen rather than say. "OK. Let's move on to my next question" I was fascinated by how quickly you absorbed and quoted my own words back to me to move the conversation along. It was the feminine equivalent of 'masterful'.” - Tom Morley

Join me to explore the revolutionary power of the voice to change our world - personally and collectively. 

Monthly compelling conversations with stories, insights and top tips from leading vocal activists. 

OUT NOW! - Ep 14 - Voicing Lightness with Sarah Fisher

Episode 13 - Voicing Change
with Wallee McDonnell, Celebrate Life Events
Episode 12- The Voice In Song Theatre with Helen Chadwick, Composer, Singer, Song-Theatre Creator
Episode 11 - Flame - Katie shares stories and insights gleaned from making her album
Episode 10 - The Speaker's Voice with Elaine Powell, Professional Speaker,  Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach
Episode 9 - The Inclusive Voice with Naveen Arles, Vocal Leader & Animateur
Episode 8 - The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner, Creative Facilitator
Episode 7 - The Voice of Awakening with Michael Doiley,  DJ/Producer, Life-Coach & Speaker
Episode 6 - The Voice of Global Feminism with Raakhi Shah, CEO of The Circle
Enjoy the Zoom and Podcasts below
Episode 5 - The Voice of Activism with Tom Morley, Rockstar Activator 
Episode 4 - The Voice of Celebration with Gill Manly, Jazz Diva & Celebrant. 
Episode 3 - The Authentic Voice with Esther Austin, Speaker, Editor, Coach 
Episode 2  - The Power of Joy and Laughter with Joe Hoare, Laughing Yogi.
Episode 1- The Invitation with Katie Rose

🌹 🎶 Vocal Revolution Ep 14 - Voicing Lightness with Sarah Fisher, Pianist, Vocalist, Songwriter & Community Musician

🌹 🎶 "Singing and music bring so much to everyone's life," Sarah Fisher shares pivotal moments from her musical adventures, from touring the world with The Eurythmics to leading singing groups in prisons.

🌹 🎶About Sarah
A professional musician for over 20 years, Sarah has worked extensively in the music industry. She has toured nationally and internationally as a singer/pianist and worked as a session musician for many international artists including touring worldwide with The Eurythmics and appearances on numerous TV programmes including Top of the Pops. Currently, she tours with Hazel O Connor as a pianist /vocalist/ co-writer and is working on a country pop album with Esta Rae. Sarah studied Music Workshop Skills in the Community at Goldsmiths College and has worked as a community musician delivering songwriting, music tech and vocal workshops in many different community sectors including prisons, young offenders institutes, primary and secondary schools. Throughout her career, Sarah has shared her musical skills directing some of the most inspired and exciting music projects with young people. She co-directs two Community choirs and two Mental Health singing groups.