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Soft diplomacy 🌹🎶


Dear Friend

We are going into the dark times my friends -
The leaves fall in crumpled carpets at our feet,
The light dwindles,
As the year burns to a glowing ember.
We can create magic in the dark times

🌹 🎶Mapping Your Creative Process 🎶🌹

🌹 🎶Mapping Your Creative Process 🎶🌹

Creativity is a magical, organic process found in every living thing and every aspect of life. It’s not just for artists - every time we dream up an idea for a business, charity,…


🌹🎶Trust Yourself 🎶🌹

Dear Friend

Hope you are keeping safe, sound and singing whenever possible! 
Here in London falling leaves and temperatures indicate autumn is upon us.  As we navigate continued crises accompanied by the mad cacophony of sound and fury blaring from…

A New Season of Song


Dear Friend

🌹🎶A New Season of Song  
The falling leaves, drift by my window...
So here in London, the strange summer of lockdown easing and variegated weather is passing, as we turn towards the time of burnt leaves falling.…

Love's a Flame... setting the world on fire with song!


🌹🎶 Flame ... it's here!
My new album is now complete and I can't wait to share it with you!!!
Warmly inviting you to join me as my very special guest at my album launch 

Friday 30th July 7pm

🌹🎶 June Joy: Finding our voices through play🌹🎶


🌹🎶 2 Months to Go! Flame Album Launch 30th July
Warmly inviting you to join me in the magical ambience of St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX at 7pm, Friday 30th July.
Mike King and I are currently …

May Magic - Finding the glitter in times of loss

🌹🎶 The Love in You
Celebrating the power of love in 5 parts and 1 pair of pink shades... Dear Friend
May Magic:
Finding the glitter in times of loss
Hope you are keeping safe, sane and sound.
This month's…

🌹 April Awakening - April News from Katie Rose


🌹🎶 Save the Date: Flame Album Launch 30th July 2021
You're invited to my album launch at St John the Evangelist Upper Norwood, SE19 2RX on the evening of Friday 30th July - see you there! Dear Friend
April Awakening

Marching for Women - March News from Katie Rose 🌹🎶


Exciting Announcement! My New Album Flame will be out Summer 2021 Dear Friend
Marching for Women
This month's edition of the Rose Window Newsletter is dedicated to girls and women worldwide, in celebration of #IWD2021 and Mothers Day


The Food of Love - February News from Katie Rose

The Food of Love
A Fundraising Feast of Poetry and Song
Sunday 28th February, 7.00-8.00pm

Hosted by Katie Rose
with special guests including Jazz Diva Gill Manly
Raising voices and funds to feed our community & support frontline workers
By …