Vocal Presence 
Present with Power, Passion & Purpose
Empowering Vocal Coaching & Choirs for Corporates

For Professionals
Power - Transform fears of public speaking into powerful leadership
Passion - Boost your unique style and presence
Purpose - Present with confident clarity

Our voices are the instrument of every aspect of our business -presentations, negotiations, conferences and management all require skillful communication.   Investing in our vocal skills brings the immediate returns of improved relationships, enhanced communication and strengthened presence in the workplace.  

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Tune Your Team 
Power - build a strong, united connection
Passion - create and celebrate your winning presence 
Purpose - enhance focus, motivation and vision

Research shows that singing together releases oxytocin, the hormone of bonding - at the same time as decreasing stress levels.  A Corporate Choir or Singing Workshop can help your team build a purposeful sense of connection whilst giving everyone a chance to blow off steam.  Result: higher productivity, enhanced communication and creativity, increased spontaneity,  fun and positive dynamics whilst working together.

To book a complimentary 20 minute consultation - email Katie

Mind-blowing session. Love exploring how voice can express truth, embody a vision, bring presence to conversations and so much more.”

— Jini Reddy, Writer

Katie facilitated an amazing course for all of us. Her professional work and group management produced incredible results and unification of an amazing and powerful force of all us as a group.”

— Millie

It was vibrant, brainstorming, inspirational and educational. She certainly knows how to keep us alert at all times ”

— Selda

Her ability to reach people with her music and transform lives in her work is remarkable and respected by many people all over the world. ”

— Robin Robinson, PR Consultant