Sound Therapy

“One of the best and most effective of treatments is to strengthen the mental and spiritual strengths of the patient, to give him more courage to fight illness, create a loving, pleasant environment for the patient, play the best music for him and surround him with people that he loves.” ”

— Avicenna/ Ibn Sina, 980-1037

Since ancient times, humans have used sound to soothe, uplift and energise. Across the world, systems of music have formed part of medical treatment including the scales of Pythagoras, the raags of India and Arabic makam therapy, now being revived in modern day Turkish Hospitals.

What is Sound Therapy? 
In a sound therapy or sound bath session, instruments and voice are used to create a meditative state of relaxation.  Listening deeply to sound calms the mind, soothes the emotions and gives the body a chance to take nourishing rest - studies show that listening to music can reduce blood pressure.  These sessions are particularly effective for those who cannot receive physical touch - such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or those on the autistic spectrum who are tactile defensive.   

During the Ottoman Empire, Makam Music Therapy was used in hospitals.  Courtyards were used for musicians to come and play specific forms of music to patients.

During the Ottoman Empire, Makam Music Therapy was used in hospitals. Courtyards were used for musicians to come and play specific forms of music to patients.

Sound Therapy Courses
Katie designed and delivers a 2 day non-residential Sound Therapy Module for the Holistic Healing College which is part of a Diploma Course, but can be taken as a stand-alone course. 
This is an experiential module in which you will learn simple and profound ways to use sound within a therapy practice and/or for self development.  We will look at how the voice can be used for healing and also instruments such as gongs and singing bowls. 
Contact the Holistic Healing College for more information.

Katie was certainly the best thing about this module, she was a great teacher, obviously very experienced. A confident facilitator whom I really respected. She sensitively balanced the different needs of the group, and you felt safe with her.​ ”

— Janice, Therapist, Holistic Healing College

Sound Therapy Out & About 
Katie has facilitated Sound Therapy Sessions for groups and individuals at 
Aman Spa at The Connaught Hotel, RNIB, RNID, The Little Escape, British Wheel of Yoga, International Federation of Aromatherapists, Mind Body & Soul Too, Bilgi Paylasim Istanbul
and at Festivals including Glastonbury, Big Green Gathering and Big Chill.

The day Katie was able to spend with us was amazing; we were inspired by her visit. The People who use the Service all seemed very relaxed after sessions, and Katie's sensitive approach was perfect.”

— Ben Hallman, Action for Hearing Loss Bath (RNID)

Just to say how much this day opened my mind to sound. Katie carried us on a journey with enormous enthusiasm and charm. Her varied array of instruments to just look at was a treat, never mind have a play with. Great fun, with a serious side about the benefits of using sound to reach people struggling in their lives.”

— Virginia Prime, Member of the International Federation of Aromatherapy

I've learnt so much today about myself and the way sound can wash away our inhibitions, fears and pain and can make everything on a physical and emotional level so much better. I shall be using some of the tools you have taught us on my children. Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm, it really brought out the best in us all!”

— Ginny Bonita Walker, Mind Body & Soul Too Workshop

“ Katie was recommended to me by a friend when I started chemotherapy. I had no idea what to expect. As a retired chiropractor and teacher of meditation I was open to the idea of music affecting me physically and emotionally. It did. My liver throbbed, my heart vibrated, my scalp and feet tingled as Katie sang and played different instruments, bells and gongs above me. I felt as if I levitated above the treatment couch. ””

— Linda Chard, Chiropractor

Sound Therapy - A Poem By Caro Ness

Chimes on four different singing bowls, 
Glass, brass, large, small. 
Clear as a bell each one chimes, intones, 
Ringing out with a purity of purpose.... 
Then the stick around each bowl, 
Smoothly lipping each rim, 
So each one hums to a different tune, 
Potent, peaceful, tranquility.... 
A rainstick that brings the sensation 
Of each raindrop down your spine, 
Delicious, energising, beautiful, 
As if the weather invaded your being. 
Then the piano, skipping, leaping high, 
The notes skating off the keyboard, 
Small arpeggios of sound, 
That hang in the air like icicles. 
The gong...the gong...stentorian, 
Ringing the changes through my veins, 
Each blow like a chime from a grandfather clock, 
Pendulum swinging to the rhythm of my heartbeat. 
This is when I feel myself expand 
To fill the spaces between my breaths, 
There is nothing but the feeling 
Of the blood in my veins, scintillating, wonderful. 
Then the squeezebox, and the voice, 
Chanting to the pulse of ancestry, 
Singing the songs of our forefathers, 
To make us feel mellow, still. 
This is joy, this is exquisite, 
This is the pulse of the century, 
Thudding to the rhythm of the universe, 
Making me feel whole, complete.

Amazing Sound healing therapy session this morning at home with gorgeous Katie Rose - thank you so much we both feel wonderful. It's absolutely awesome and it's had a profoundly wondrous effect on my partners Caro's MS symptoms - we are grinning from ear to ear. ”

— Anita Clare-Field - Founder - Lover of Creating Flavours