Katie Rose- Singer, Conductor, Composer, Writer

"I love singing and helping people sing"
Described by The Guardian as a 'fine singer' and
fROOTS Magazine as 'an eye and ear opener,'  

Katie Rose is an innovative vocal artist.
Whether its singing, composing, 
conducting mass choral events for Sing for Water 
leading Choirs and Singing for Wellbeing groups
it's all about singing.
With 16 years experience of helping people connect with their voices, Katie offers creative coaching sessions
Committed to raising her voice to celebrate, uplift and inspire, 
she writes and broadcasts for local and international media.

"I look forward to sharing the magic of song with you"

Because Singing Can and Does Change The World....

She's great, sings like a high bird and can bring hundreds of people together in one vision through inspiration, focus and song. ”

— Jana Dugal, Composer

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Latest Release
In The Jungle

Listen to Croydon Composers 2017
Produced by Shri Sriram

You'll be totally hooked!”

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I thought I would like to sing but I didn’t realise just how much fun it would be, and how exciting it feels as all the voices start working together.   It is exhilarating!”

— Caterham Community Choir Member

Creative Coaching Sessions

I was so shy about my voice before meeting you that there was no way I could sing in front of anybody. Now I warble as I walk down the street and it makes me feel great.”

— Sophie Camu - Designer

Clear, Confident, Courageous Self Expression for Creatives  
Explore the potential of your voice and creative self expression


The Feast of the Heart 

Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast - Norman Vincent Peale


With festival season in full swing here in the UK, I’m reminded that life truly is a feast of many flavours. Throughout history, people have come together to celebrate special moments, suspending everyday routines and embracing creative expression and connection.  Carnivals, parties, festivals, holidays and retreats offer a space to reflect, experiment and grow.

Vocal Vibrancy

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Bravo for this bold and brave collaboration between ingenious artists willing to create encounters between different musical genres and their audiences. ”

Review of LMP + Shift K3Y at Boxpark, The Croydon Citizen