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Tuning In Together

Dear Friend

Tuning In Together

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together. – Vesta M Kelly
It is no surprise that many traditions evolved traditions of feasting, fire-making, singing, story-telling and devotion to keep their hearts and minds merry at midwinter. It's a natural instinct to draw close to loved ones to eat and recharge in warm places.  Here's a look at how tuning in together in winter can help us weather the storms.

Togetherness has a Powerful Purpose

A Definition of a team - 'a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.- The Wisdom of Teams - Katzenburg and Smith
Santa knew what he was up to when he chose reindeers for his team - these incredible creatures bond their small herds into huge flocks of up to 100,000 to migrate as far as 1,600 miles together. They swim, run (up to 35 mph!) and clip clip their way together to find favourable conditions in some of the longest migrations of creatures on the planet.  When a wolf approaches, the herds draw together and move in circular motions to prevent individual reindeer being attacked.  Reindeer teach us that incredible feats can be achieved through togetherness.

Togetherness Cares and Connects
It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed – Napolean Hill

The power of a choir, group or team is that everyone wins by being part of it.  We all help each other to create something - whether its a song, project, event or a community.   Western individualism and capitalism have been used to pitch individuals one against each other in hierarchical power struggles for centuries resulting in war, destruction and unequal and unsustainable use of natural resources.   This obscures the true power of collaboration to create lasting and sustainable change in society.  Darwin, wrongly attributed and misinterpreted as coining the concept 'survival of the fittest,' noticed that 'those communities which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members would flourish best and rear the greatest number of offspring.'   One of the reason people enjoy singing together is because it releases the bonding hormone oxytocin which triggers the birth of babies and encourages the development of empathy, kindness, trust and togetherness.  

Togetherness is diverse 
Diversity - the art of thinking independently together - Malcolm Forbes
Tuning in together allows us to discover ourselves.  When we sing in a choir, we learn to listen and receive the sounds of others whilst holding our own note and place within the whole. We relish the contribution that each voice brings - the warm bellied bass notes allow the soaring higher harmonies to ring and sing out.   Similarly we need the different skills that each person brings to a team - without a potwasher, the cook will be in a mess.  We all become strong by celebrating our differences together.

Togetherness inspires Love
Love is the force that ignites the spirit and binds teams together – Phil Jackson
Togetherness allows us to express and discover our love for each other and our teams, groups and communities.   As our reindeer friends teach us, togetherness sparks creativity, motivates purposeful endeavours, inspires us to celebrate and take care of each other and fuels long term endurance towards the completion of long journeys across rocky terrain. 

Tune Your Team? - If you'd like a special choir or singing workshop to help tune your team, office or workplace do get in touch - I'd be delighted to help

Midwinter Singing Events
Croydon Community Choir Midwinter Celebration

Don your midwinter sparkles and come join the merry singing throng at Matthews Yard 5th December 7-8.30pm
Winter Warmer Singing at Crystal Palace - all welcome to come and sing at
Handmade Palace Craft Market at 2pm on 10th December at The Alma
Sing Carols with London Mozart Players at their Carol Concert 16th December
Crystal Palace Food Market at 12pm on 17th December
Heart of the City Choir - restarts 12th January - after a magical end of term concert, I am looking forward to covering this wonderful choir again for Naamah Pinkerfield Dal'Or. The Choir meets Thursdays 7-9pm at beautiful St Botolph's Bishopgate, near Liverpool Street.
Advance notice - DreamChoir Workshop 24th January  
Mark your diaries for a delightful day of dreaming in the New Year with playful singing and improvising in the special ambience of St Mary Abchurch - all voices welcome.  Early bird bookings by 14th January - click here for more info
Christmas Stocking Special - fill a loved ones stocking with special sounds - festive offer -
3 albums for £15 - click here.

Do contact me with any enquiries about these events - more info below.

Wishing you much tuneful togetherness this December