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Resonant Revolutions

Dear Friend

Resonant Revolutions

Revolution is like a love story. When you are in love you become a much better person.  And when you are in revolution you become a much better person - Alaa As Aswany
The earth has completed another annual revolution around the sun and we are now in 2017. Truth be told everyday is another revolution for we are constantly revolving and evolving. To make our resolutions resonantly revolutionary this year we can simply start by asking is this loving and will it make me a better person?

Becoming Revolutionary

You cannot buy the revolution.  You cannot make the revolution.  You can only be the revolution.  It is either in your spirit or it is nowhere - Ursula LeGuin
The annual custom of resolving to change our lives is now being touted about town with gym kits and detox products replacing Christmas displays.  These will in turn be replaced by Valentines chocolates and the gym kits and rowing machines will go back in the garage until next year.   Making resolutions truly revolutionary requires tuning in to make sure that they resonate.  Authentic goals arise from heartfelt intuitions, knowings and callings rather than dogmas, conventions or conditioning.   Spending quiet time tuning in enables us to make sure we align ourselves with what we truly need rather than what we think or are told we want.  

Creating Space for Revolution
You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a model that makes the existing model obsolete. - Buckminster Fuller

Lasting sustainable change requires an environment where our new habits, projects, ideas and relationships can grow.  Just as we repot plants, we must make space in our lives for new growth - Marie Forleo calls it Purge & Prune.  Cutting through the clamour and clutter of distractions often requires us to set boundaries, say No, detach and let go - so that we can prioritise what really is important.  Taking time to freshen up, beautify and reorganise our homes also helps us flourish - James Clear has some great tips for making new habits easy, achievable and visible - eg leaving the floss out next to the toothpaste.  Shifting our external environment needs to be matched by taking time to upgrading our inner operating systems - so that we can revolutionise from within.

Persistance in the face of Resistance 
The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall - Che Guevara

One thing that is fairly predictable about revolutionary activity is that it will encounter resistance - obstacles, challenges, doubts, fears, interference, critics, haters and nay sayers may all appear to throw spanners in the works.  This will be the moment when we will be tempted to give in and give up.   This is why it's essential to build effective support systems to help us dig deep and get resourceful in those moments - when the computer blows up at the moment of starting that masterpiece, it's time to put pen to paper.

Falling in ReLOVEution
The job of the writer is to make revolution irresistible - Toni Cade Bambara

Revolution becomes irresistible when we are in good company - it becomes more accountable and enjoyable when shared with a coach, friend, partner, support group or creative buddy.  Evolution natural arises when we tap into creative networks, practices and resources - such asLeonie Dawson's Shining Yearbooks or the online creative community 64 Million Artists.  Revolution is much more fun when it is colourful, vibrant, inclusive, caring, bubbly, inspirational, compassionate, kind, joyous and...... add your own choice of uplifting adjective here. The rainbow revolutions of the LGBT community communicate serious messages in the most outrageously stylish way possible - just one example of how we can make our revolutions a party for everyone to get loved up and become better people in 2017.

Want support making your resolutions revolutionary this year? - I offer 121 coaching sessions to help bring creative dreams and voices into reality.  For more info click here....
Want to revolutionise your singing voice in good company? - Do join me at a choir session (more info on my site) or get in touch about having a choir or workshop at your workplace.

Wishing you a revolutionary loving start to 2017