Creative Coaching

What is Creative Coaching?
Clear, Confident, Courageous Self Expression for Creatives
Coaching empowers you to
* discover and amplify your skills, gifts and talents
* connect and trust your own inner sat nav (intuition) 
* explore the potential of your voice and creative self-expression 
* map out and manifest your creative goals, dreams and visions
* be accountable and take action to bring your dreams into reality
* identify and work through questions, challenges, issues and problems 
* excavate the past to release the root causes of current day issues
* harvest your inner and outer resources whatever your situation
* build a creative toolkit of simple, supportive practices 
* take care of yourself as a creative
* be heard, honoured, witnessed and championed in a safe environment.

Who is it for?
Every session is uniquely tailored to each individual and can involve breathwork, voicework and creative visualisation. Katie has worked with creatives including singers, theatre directors, actors, visual artists, teachers, choir leaders, performance poets, writers, activists, therapists and facilitators.

Free Initial 20 minute Phone/ Skype Consultation 
Explore your ideas and questions in a completely confidential, obligation free 20 minute phone/skype call - click here to request a consultation 

Booking Information - Please scroll down for Prices & Ts&Cs

I sang like I never sang in my life! ”

— Juliette Jean Claude – Artist, Performer

Public speaking - both to small and large groups - has always been a challenge for me. In my work as a filmmaking, I was finding that lacking confidence in this area was hampering me. Pitching stories, engaging people verbally, both one to one and in groups, is a crucial aspect of the work that I often shied away from. So it had been an ambition to work with my voice for some time, and I’m really happy to have found Katie. She delicately relaxed the anxieties I had around speaking, and gave me innumerable tools to help me access more of my voice. And crucially without insisting on a normal or standard voice. Which was important to me. The large public presentation that we were working towards was a great success. But beyond that she brought the process back to more profound questions. Particularly of how to relate to yourself and to others with generosity of spirit, and how using your voice can be a part of that. Many thanks Katie! ”

— RE, Filmmaker

Sessions with Katie Rose
With 18 years experience of working with individuals, Katie brings a wealth of experience and a full creative tool kit to every session. She has coached creatives around:
* Voice work  - helping shy singers find their voices, supporting established presenters and performers
* Leadership Skills - With years of experience of facilitating groups and large scale events,  Katie has mentored budding choir leaders and experienced theatre directors. 
* Nurturing Creativity - Katie helps creatives birth, nurture and fulfil their creative dreams
* Reclaiming Power - from life issues, current or past. 
A fully insured member of the Natural Voice Network, Katie believes that everyone has a voice.  Having worked with people with learning difficulties since her teens, she respects the uniqueness of every person.  She offers completely confidential counsel and wise witness.

Katie is warm, knowing, wise, friendly and inspirational. ”

— Julie Batsford-White, Writer

Booking Information  
As I value your time, my time and our time together please note that the following Terms and Conditions apply to our work together.  

1. Session Info & Fees
* A complimentary initial 20 minute phone/skype consultation is available obligation-free
* All sessions last one hour and cost £50
* A concession fee of £40 per session is available by agreement 
* Sessions take place in person in South London or on Skype 
* All sessions are completely confidential 

2. Booking & Payment
* All sessions must be paid for in advance at the time of booking. 
* Booking refers to the agreement made for the date and time of the session. 
* Transaction fees for payments by PayPal are non-refundable. 

3. Seven Day Cancellation Policy 
* Sessions cancelled with 7 or more days notice are fully refundable and transferrable
* Sessions cancelled within 7 days are non-refundable and non-transferrable  
* If due to unforeseen circumstances, Katie Rose has to cancel, the session will be rescheduled for another time. 
* If you arrive late, only the remainder of the session will be available 
* If due to unforeseen circumstances, Katie Rose is delayed starting (eg by technical hitches on Skype etc) you will still receive your full session time. 

4. Agreement 
 * By booking your session with Katie Rose and making a payment via this website, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions 

Please contact me with any queries about your session

I'm impressed by the power of sound and the effectiveness of the exercises we did in improving my confidence and freeing up my self-expression and the advice and techniques you gave me. I'll continue to use them and singing whenever I get the chance.”

— Lanna Ford, Reflexologist