Katie Rose - Singer, Musician, Facilitator, Writer...

"I love singing and helping people sing!"

Described by The Guardian as a 'fine singer' and fROOTS Magazine as 'an eye and ear opener'  Katie Rose is an innovative vocal artist and musician.   

Whether its leading community choirs, team building sessions for corporations, fundraising for Sing for Water or leading Singing for Wellbeing groups in hospitals, it's all about singing.

With 14 years experience of facilitation, Katie offers vibrant singing and coaching sessions for groups and individuals.
Committed to celebrating the positive contribution of the arts, she writes and broadcasts for local and international media.

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She's great, sings like a high bird and can bring hundreds of people together in one vision through inspiration, focus and song. ”

— Jana Dugal, Composer

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The Voice of Calling 

Dear Friend

The Voice of Calling
Follow your calling, not the crowd - proverb
Planning a voice session for female entrepreneurs at Yael Rose's networking group prompted me to think about how we can stay tuned to the Voice of our Business or Calling in life... Hoping that these musings serve to amplify the light of creative calling in each of us this November...

Calling comes from Within
Vocation is more about who you are than what you do 
Our Calling arises from within via our internal communication systems… Read more

Woman - written for International Women's Day
Trw 011 social
you'll be totally hooked”

fROOTS Magazine

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